4 Steps to Becoming a Dream Company

  • Food/drink — if your employees don’t have basic snacks and drinkable beverages, they are going to step out and get it. This breaks their trains of thought for a longer period of time, and may not be an ideal opportunity to socialize with a diverse set of employees.
  • Focus space — it’s no secret that noise and distractions make it harder to get things done, and most knowledge workers have at least some tasks that really require focus. Every employee needs to be able to access a “do not bug” mode in which they can hunker down and hammer out knowledge pieces.
  • Time off — people need to recharge, and doling out vacation time, break time, and sick leave in tight rations is going to lead to burnout (and the plague if you make sick people come in). No need to do unlimited vacation, though. (Here’s how to build a vacation program)
  • Breaks — sometimes people really do need a break, and it’s totally fine if they want to go on social media or take a walk or whatnot. Trust your employees to get things done, and don’t worry about the breaks they take if things are getting done, well, and legally by the time they’re due.
  • Reasonable policies — if there’s a lot of pointless bureaucracy, silly rules, and the like, your talent pipeline will leak like a colander.



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Orin Davis

Orin Davis

Self-actualization engineer who makes workplaces great places to work. PI at Quality of Life Lab (www.qllab.org). Consultant. Professor. Startup Advisor.