Great questions, Meerkat! The latter inquiry is currently being debated extensively among scientists because it has led to a number of studies that later needed retraction. A number of scientists, including John Antonakis, have been complaining that the need for certain types of results and publications in certain types of journals has led to a number of problems that compromise science (including a greater risk of false positives, longer times to the dissemination of findings, etc.).

To your first question, I [almost] never agree with terminating employees: Google had far better alternatives, including inviting Mr. Damore to debate the issues against some actual experts (an invitation he hasn’t accepted) to be televised to the company, assigning him to a team investigating the impact of the statement he made and helping to conduct some research in order to help the hiring and workplace diversity efforts he affected, working on three all-female-but-him teams so he can get a clear view of how that all works out, having him host a town hall meeting where Googlers can respond to his comments, etc.

Self-actualization engineer who makes workplaces great places to work. PI at Quality of Life Lab ( Consultant. Professor. Startup Advisor.

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