How to Ask for Career Advice from Professionals

  • I’m interested in moving from an academic career in biochemistry to a career in [drug manufacturing/management consulting/biotech startups], and need help identifying how my skills in [specify skills, e.g., research, literature reviews, protein folding models, pipetting] can be shown as transferrable.
  • I’m trying to convert my academic CV to a resume suitable for application to a pharmaceutical company. How do I discuss my publications on the resume?
  • I have worked in biochemistry for many years and I am sick of the field. Can you suggest a few non-biomedical fields to which my skills [specify skills, if possible] might be readily transferrable?
  • I’ve been majoring in [X] and I don’t like it for [specific reason{s}]. I know that I like [task/hobby Y] but I am not sure which fields value that. Can you offer a few suggestions for me to look up?
  • My parents insisted that I major in [Q] but my passion is really [A] — is there any way to merge the two? (You would be pleasantly surprised with what we can generate in response to this one!)
  • I finished my MBA and still don’t know which field I want to be in, but I need a job. I know that I don’t like [Fields F, G, and H], and my best skills are [N and O], can you recommend some companies or jobs that might fit those parameters?



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Orin Davis

Orin Davis

Self-actualization engineer who makes workplaces great places to work. PI at Quality of Life Lab ( Consultant. Professor. Startup Advisor.