How to Run an Effective Standing Meeting

  1. What are my 1–2 main goals to accomplish today?
  2. What are the resources I need from others (including their time) to accomplish those main goals?
  1. How did I do an awesome job today? (It’s not bragging if everyone’s doing it.)
  2. How well did I accomplish the 1–2 main goals I reported at start-of-day standing meeting?
  3. To whom, or about what, am I grateful today? (This is where you high-five individuals on your team.)
  1. What are my key goals for today? Which of these are the most important to accomplish today?
  1. What are the resources I need for today? Do I have them?
  1. Whose time you need
  2. How much of it you need
  3. Why you need it
  1. How likely is it that what I have put down for my goals and resources is realistic?
  1. What are the results of your efforts today? What have you accomplished? Consider both finished products and progress.
  1. Which meetings did you have today? What were the results?
  1. How did I spend my time today?
  1. What went well today, and what/whom am I grateful for?



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Orin Davis

Orin Davis

Self-actualization engineer who makes workplaces great places to work. PI at Quality of Life Lab ( Consultant. Professor. Startup Advisor.