How to Sort the Huge Pile of Job Applicants

Basic Skill Assessment

Can the applicant do the tasks required for the job?

  • What would be the indicator(s) that an employee’s deliverable is total trash?
  • What would prove that someone is too incompetent to do the job?
  • What kind(s) of [skill-related] mistake(s) do professionals actually make but are still unacceptable?
  • What kind(s) of [skill-related] mistake(s) would get someone in this position fired?
  • What is a rookie mistake that a new hire should be avoiding at this level?
  • Can you keep your cool and politeness while a rude customer is screaming at you? Yes/No
  • Provide two examples of your doing so in the text box below.

Cross the T’s

Look for people with both breadth and depth

Embrace the Randomness

Hiring is not an exact science



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Orin Davis

Orin Davis


Self-actualization engineer who makes workplaces great places to work. PI at Quality of Life Lab ( Consultant. Professor. Startup Advisor.