You raise some important points, Dotsmada.

Back when humanity was far more primitive and had to worry far more about its own survival, it was important to keep women safe because they were less expendable than men. This tended to keep women in the home because going out was more dangerous (more predators), and left men to deal with matters outside of the home (a sensible division of labor given the circumstances) and take point on developing the broader societal and cultural norms. As the need for this division of labor decreased in concert with the evolution of our society, we did not shift our cultural norms as quickly as our technology allows. The result of this is men holding disproportionate decision-making power (relative to the options provided by technology and societal evolution) over what is normal outside of the home, and likewise for women regarding the standards inside the home.

The more society has evolved, the less we have needed to divide labor and societal roles in accordance with reproductive roles. But, since men did have the original spot deciding many of the norms, it has been incumbent upon us to use our power and voices to shift societal norms from gender-specific labor division to gender-neutral self-actualization. Since there is no major cognitive/talent difference between men and women, it behooves us to make the most of every ounce of talent that humanity has to offer for the collective development and evolution of our species. The fact of long-term gender disparities in STEM despite there being no need of it suggests that we men have not done enough to ensure that women can shift into the roles that now maximally contribute humankind, and that we have not done enough to ensure that we are doing the same (i.e., putting more into the home as befits our personal capabilities).

Does that cover your question?

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